Chicora Rentals

 How do I see the inside of a property?
After you have chosen properties that interest you from the search on this website or from the newspaper, call the office to schedule an appointment, 843-903-7400 and ask for a Leasing Agent.

Do I have to fill out an application?
Yes, if you are over 18 years old you must complete an application (married couples fill out one) and each prospective tenant is required to pay a non-refundable application fee.

How long does it take for application approval?
It takes approximately 3 business days for application approval, dependent upon a response from the current/previous landlords, employers and/or owners.

Does my application take the property off the Rental Market?
There is a holding fee that is paid with the application that will secure the property for you. The holding fee is applied to your Security Deposit when you sign a lease or it is refunded to you.

When is rent due?
The total rent is due on or before the 1st of each month and is accepted until the 5th of that month (before 5:00PM if a business day) without a late fee being added. Rent checks mailed to us must be received by the 5th, not post marked on the 5th. NO CASH IS ACCEPTED; check, money order or online payments are accepted.

How much is the late fee?
The late fee is 20% of your monthly rent.

How do I pay online?
On the right side of the homepage, click on ‘Payments Online’ and proceed. In order to pay, using this method, you must first complete and submit to the office a paper online payment method form.

Do you accept Pets? Is there a Pet Fee?
We do have properties that will accept pets; there are breed restrictions even with those properties – no Chow, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman Pinscher, Akita, Husky, German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, or close relatives of these breeds. Some Homeowners Associations do not allow tenants to have pets. There is a $250 non-refundable Pet Fee.

How do I request maintenance?
Go to the Maintenance Request button in Tenant Resources on this website.

Can I paint the property or make changes?
Any request to paint or make other changes must be in writing and submitted to Chicora Long Term Rentals. You will receive a response within 7 to 10 business days.

Do I have to let you know I will be moving out?
Yes, see your Lease Agreement. We require at least 30 days written notice that you will vacate. Print the Notice to Vacate form (Tenant Resources) and follow the instructions on that form.

Is the Security Deposit refundable?
Yes, but there are criteria that need to be met, including a proper notice to vacate and the property cleaned per the provided checklist. Damages beyond normal wear and tear will be deducted and if the damages exceed the Security Deposit you will be billed. Your Security Deposit check and Tenant Termination Report will be mailed within 30 days of you vacating per your Security Deposit Addendum.

What happens if I have to move out early?
Notify us in writing of the date you are moving. You are responsible for the rent until the property is rented or your lease expires. You must keep the utilities on until that time. There are other charges involved, please call the office.